Data Analysis

This week you get to demonstrate your knowledge of chi-square.  The data set for this assignment is attached to this announcement as a pdf file. 
In your paper, begin with a paragraph introducing the scenario and explaining why a chi-square test is needed for the situation. Then, address the following:

Identify which chi-square test you used and which program or procedure you used for the analysis.
Describe the procedure you used to calculate the chi-square.

If using VassarStats (Links to an external site.), copy and paste the data entry area and output into your paper. If using Excel, submit the Excel spreadsheet separately and mention in your paper that the spreadsheet is attached. If using hand calculations, include a table showing the observed and expected frequencies, along with the row and column totals and chi-square calculations.

Report the chi-square value, degrees of freedom, and the p
Explain how you determined the p Is the result statistically significant?

If the test is a chi-square test of independence with a statistically significant result, report the effect size using Cramér’s V.

Explain the meaning of the results in terms of the scenario.

Discuss any assumptions, limitations, and implications associated with the situation and analysis.

Summarize the main points of the paper in a concluding paragraph.

The Chi-Square Data Analysis paper