In Unit 1 (Chapter 1 and 2 in Elmasri/Navathe), we learn the basics of databases.
Write a 2 page paper on th following:
As an everyday citizen, describe what you consider an ideal interaction with a database system and what you consider a horrible interaction with a database system. This paper is from your experience and your real life. I would like for you to try to look at your experiences and identify why you consider it a good experience, and why it was a bad experience.
Consider the following:
1 – how did you access that database (through the web, an atm, etc).
2 – was it an interface or the database that you found exceptional/horrible? Explain.
3 – what was the domain the database was modeling (shopping, school, ticket purchasing)
4 – what improvements would you like to see or what features did you find particularly remarkable that you think it should carry over into other databases?
5 – Make sure you name the company and describe the experience – anything confidential for work should not be considered.
Your paper should be 2 pages, at most 1.2 spacing, 10-12pt font with one inch margins. Submissions will be through so please make sure you do have some citations.