Chapter 8 covers offender constitutional rights and litigation.  Mulitple topics are included but there are also topics outside of the information in the textbook. Review the chapter and do some research on your own related to offender rights.  Pick a topic in this area that peaks your interest and provide the following information.  Remember you must respond to this post and reply to 2 of your classmates in order to receive credit for this exercise. Your original response must include the below information:

Your chosen category of rights (religion, ADA, 1st amendment as it relates to correspondence or religion, 8th amendment as it relates to medical care, etc) or litigation (RLUIPA, Wolf vs. Mc Donnell, Prison Litigation Reform, etc)
When you choose one of the above you will need to

discuss the particular event
indicate the impact it has had on Prisons and Offenders, in general
provide your views on the topic