Deductive Argument Introductory Paragraph

Argument EssayThe Ethics of Eating Meat
From the readings of Singer, Peter, and Jim Mason, The Ethics of Eating MeatThe essays above approach the concepts of ethics and morals very differently. Both essays delve into the ethical and moral issues of societys consumption. Yet they approach the subject in remarkably diverse ways. Vegetarians and vegans will carry the battle cry for Singers and Masons argument that eating meat may be immoral. And these same people may well rally behind Leopolds apparent new concept when he proposes that mans relationship to the land is an ethical issue and that man should consider it a serious ethical commitment.
Your assignment is to write two (2) introductory paragraphs:
one introductory paragraph will be structured DEDUCTIVELY
one introductory paragraph will be structured INDUCTIVELYYou will need to establish your opinion, either for or against some or all of the contents of the prompt. Then you will need to develop your thesis, develop or limit your thesis, and then you will need to identify and define the points or ides you believe support the stance you have taken in your thesis.There are two possible responses written below that appear to justify some kind of argument. You are welcome to choose one of these proposed topics, or you may decide to develop your own topic from the reading(s). The choice is yours.Idea One: Human Rights versus Animal RightsTake one side or the other of the question of whether animals have rights. It is a given that the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees human rights, where does it guarantee animal rights? Is it reasonable for Singer and Mason to ask society to begin thinking about guaranteeing animal rights, or is that a silly idea?Idea Two: DominionRead Genesis, the first book of the Bible, and decide whether or not the question of eating meat is a religious question and can, therefore, be decided on religious grounds. Which text in Genesis seems to take the side of this question? Are the conflicting texts in Genesis that make it difficult to know which side of the argument is most sound? And in passage 1:26, what is the intended meaning of the dominion in this passage that gives man dominion over animals? How clear is this statement? How ambiguous? How unclear? (You be clear.)