Defining the Problem and Describing the Intervention Purpose- Homeless Veterans

The purpose of this exercise is to develop the skill of presenting a program or project from an evaluation 

Topics to cover:
A. Background on a particular human services problem that you have an interest in (Example: homeless 
veterans and PTSD)
B. Objectives of a proposed program that you would implement to address this problemC. Description of the proposed intervention intended to achieve the objectivesD. Explain how the intervention is expected to achieve the objectives.

**Provide a brief summary describing the human services problem that the intervention is designed to
 address. Include a brief description of the problem in human services terms, subgroups within the 
population most affected, the experience to date in addressing the problem (previous or existing programs or interventions, results from quantitative or qualitative research studies, program reports, other), and 
barriers to behavior change.

**In the description of the proposed intervention, describe the different activities that will be carried out with the aim of achieving the program objectives. This information is important for understanding the 
program and (later) designing the process evaluation. For the purposes of this assignment, limit the 
description to a summary overview.
Your paper needs to be a minimum of three FULL-length pages (excluding the title and reference pages) 
and use proper APA formatting. You are to use at least two scholarly sources (including your textbook).