DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Incumbent serves as a Supervisory Case Management Specialist in

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: Incumbent serves as a Supervisory Case Management Specialist in the Case Initiation Unit, and is responsible for planning, managing, and supervising the functions and activities of the assigned unit or team within the assigned unit. 
Participates in strategic planning efforts for the unit, section, and CSSD. Defines and directs the nature and scope of the unit’s program goals and objectives in alignment with overall CSSD goals and objectives; plans, evaluates, and adjusts short- and long-range plans to implement overall goals and objectives for establishing program priorities; determines the scope of program services or special projects that should be initiated, modified, or discontinued; and realigns the organizational and functional structure of the unit consistent with the need to improve program coordination internally and externally.
Explains and gains the support of employees for management policies and goals (e.g., cost reduction, safety, etc.) and effectively communicates the policies and directives of the CSSD Director and Deputy Director, Section Chief, and/or Assistant Section Chief to the unit employees. Ensures unit compliance with office policies and procedures, accounts for team performance, resolves difficult issues, and assists other workers as needed.
Independently identifies and recommends improvements to the unit policies and procedures that will improve CSSD’s compliance with Federal performance measures. Facilitates implementation of any approved improvements and ensures compliance by unit employees. 
Ensures that all IV-D, IV-E, and Medicaid child support cases are processed in accordance with Federal statutes and regulations governing the establishment and enforcement of paternity and child support orders. Coordinates schedules for caseworkers to interview custodial and non-custodial parents for the purpose of establishing paternity and support, to enforce and modify support orders, and to effect process of service on the non-custodial parents for future court dates.
Oversees the processes to ensure that child support and medical support is provided according to court order. Ensures that submitted support payments are properly received, recorded, and disbursed. Analyzes, reviews, and reconciles incoming complex or misdirected payments to ensure that they are properly credited to client accounts. Advises staff and engages with customers, employers, and appropriate others to resolve questions in complex matters or discrepancies in accounting and/or processing.
Develops and monitors a case tracking system of all incoming/outgoing customer inquiries, contacts, and referrals to ensure timely responses. Also, supervises the activities of the waiting room area to ensure timely and efficient resolution of customer inquiries by the unit staff for which responsible.
Incumbent supervises and manages all activities within one of the six (6) units through unit staff. In this connection, assigns responsibilities, distributes and coordinates caseloads; assists in the development and collaborates with the Training Coordinator and/or personally executes formal training programs, including case processing, policies and procedures, and the proper use of the D.C. Child Support Enforcement System (DCCSES); establishes performance measures and evaluates employees work performance; and recommends selections, promotions, status changes, awards, disciplinary actions, and separations.
Works to achieve the objectives of government-wide personnel programs and policies (e.g., labor-management relations and equal employment opportunity); and deals effectively with employees and union representatives on employee suggestions, complaints, grievances, and other matters involved in the day-to-day administration of labor management agreements, which may include labor-management contract negotiations.
Attends planning, policy, technical, and other program-related meetings to participate in providing recommendations, identifying problem areas and possible solutions, and in providing unit-specific expertise and knowledge to guide discussions.
Works with CSSD’s Information Technology employees and contractors and other managers to test system functionality of the automated D.C. Child Support Enforcement System (DCCSES) and recommend appropriate changes. Also, prepares and submits narrative, financial, and statistical reports.
Identifies and facilitates the acquisition of materials, supplies, and equipment. 
Performs other related duties as required. 
Knowledge Required 
Comprehensive knowledge of District and Federal rules, regulations, and statutes, including, but not limited to, Section 45 of the C.F.R.; Titles IV-D, IV-A, and IV-E, of the Social Security Act; judicial orders and cases law; OAG and CSSD directives, policies, and procedures; and other reference documents.
Mastery knowledge of managerial principles, methods, and practices.
Comprehensive knowledge of DCCSES, including operation, data analysis, reporting, troubleshooting, and training.
Knowledge of, and the ability to ensure the application of, Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and requirements.
Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.