Develop a Student Assessment Process to Guide Learning

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As an  educational leader, you will be asked to develop the best data-review  teams for the most effective use of student assessment results. For this  task, you will choose an educational setting of personal interest, and  design a memo to your staff describing the formation and functionality  of data-review teams to include:
1.  Where data-review teams will be developed (e.g., grade level, grade bands, departments),
2.  Who will serve on the data-review teams,
3.  A meeting schedule for the data-review teams (e.g., meeting length and frequency),
4.  A description of a student formative and summative assessment process to be used by the data-review teams, and
5.   How the results of the data-review teams will be implemented and monitored with students, and your role within the data-review teams.
Length: 3 pages

References: Minimum of five scholarly resources