discussion 12

 HMS-220- Addiction and Prevention-Final Project
Instructions for final class project.
You have just won a multi- million dollar lottery. Write a letter to the person of your choice and tell him/her three things you plan to do with your winning. One of the things you must do with your winnings is to include your plans to improve your community or city.  Please cover some or all of the following areas to complete your assignment for what you plan to do to improve your community or city.  Be as specific as possible. Please give a history of how you won the money and why you are making the decision to spend the money the ways you are. This letter is to be typed in Times Roman 12point font and presented in class to receive credit.

Mission Statement
Purpose and goals of your project
Type of program/ project you are developing
Recruitment strategies to get people to use your service and the screening criteria
Targeted population and the ages of persons served
Areas to be addressed during to help the community or city
How the project will benefit the community or city
Data to be gathered during the first year of existence
Funding sources to keep the project afloat to keep monies coming in to fund projects
Staffing (ex. Linda M. Patterson, Director, Sally Sue, Clinical Director)

 Ask yourself:
What can I do?
What needs to be done?
How can I help?
I insist.