Discussion Post – Give your opining according with the following question and answer bellow, at least 3 per review references on APA 7th edition.

Discusses the importance of being “nimble” in all aspects of a firm’s operation – that is, to be in a position to be maximally flexible, adaptable, and speedy in response to change.  
●      Identify two firms in two different industries that you believe exhibit a nimble nature in their operations.
●      What specific evidence leads you to believe these firms are nimble, especially in their channel and supply chain activities?

Yamaha Corporation
Yamaha started as a musical instruments manufacturing company. Now, it also has products such as motorcycles, boats, robotics, etc. Today, Yamaha’s motorcycles are as famous as the musical instruments it produces. Japan needed to recover its economy after WWII, and Genichi Kawakami, the President of Yamaha at that time, decided to enter this profitable sector (“Entering the Motorcycle Market”, n.d.). Kawakami believed that the woods’ resources would limit the production of musical instruments, and he had seen the European companies were successful in the motorcycle market so he believed he could replicate the same success in Japan. The company established new production lines and hired new engineers to refine their technology and this strategy has been proved successful. 
CitibankNowadays, people are becoming more aware of the environment and taking social responsibilities. Instead of just focusing on financial returns, institutions and individuals also consider environmental impact and social impact when making an investment. To adapt to this change, Citibank has also launched its own impact investment program that aims to help alleviate poverty and make the earth “greener”. New teams are established to focus on the analysis of impact investment and better technology is in the progress of being developed to meet clients’ need of trading new derivative products.