For this week’s Discussion I would like you to review the History of Human Services Power Point.  Last week we discussed Contemporary Issues and how Social Change has been positive and negative.  One of the positives of Social Change is that we are more accepting of differences, such as people who are gay, or the people who are disabled.  
There are many of us who always want to help those in need, simply because it feels like the right thing to do…
Jane Addams, our first social worker, is an example of this.  She started the Settlement House Movement in Chicago, naming the first “settlement house”, Hull House, in response to the influx of immigrants from other countries during the 1800’s. Her intent was to provide a SAfe space for people to live, receive an education and employment training, and a multitude of other services. 
However, as you will note from the History of Human Services PP, historically (since the beginning of time) people, groups of people, the government and Churches, have helped those in need in order to “control” these populations.  Fear motivated people, “If I can control the disabled (put them in institutions) then I don’t have to worry about that population influencing me or my family” OR  fear that simply being associated with someone who was considered “different” made us treat people as outcasts – certainly the basis of prejudice!  
1.  What is the common theme of the “history of Human Services”?
2.  Give an example from the PP that demonstrates the point of “helping out of fear or control”
3.  Which aspect of the History of Human Services was most impactful for you, and Why?

Students with last name beginning with N – Z:
4. Please watch the following video on the Jane Addams. Why is Jane Addams known as a pioneer and our 1st Social Worker? What are some of the major changes she implemented for immigrants in Chicago in the 1800’s? 

 (5.49 min).