This discussion will help you further explore some of the consequences of human activities on our planet and think of creative ways to solve some of these issues at a personal level. Understanding the impacts of human activities on the environment is going to be an important element in completing your final exam for this lab course. 
Take the quiz (Links to an external site.) regarding how many Earths do you need to maintain your lifestyle. Considering that the global population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 and that developing countries are quickly reaching the same level of consumption as the developed countries, how do you think we can solve these issues. Also, did you expect your consumption levels to be so high?
Write a discussion post (about 200 words) regarding the topics above. The discussion must include your quiz result and if you thought your impact was so high/low before taking the quiz. To get full credit you also have to respond to at last two other posts, and keep in mind that very short posts (such as I agree or I disagree) do not count. 

link to the game 

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