As we examine chapters 9 – 11, there are various factors that impact the type of services we provide to families. In order to understand families and the dynamics that are associated with working with families, we cannot exclude life experiences, societal variants, racism, sexism, etc., what role(s), if any, impact our ability to serve. On the wings of a recent guilty verdict of former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke for the murder of an unarmed black teenager Laquan McDonald, this discussion will address several aspects of understanding families, approaches to working with various family systems, what role, if any does ethics play in resolving conflicts related to race, how does this impact engaging and interacting with both populations, and will promote self-awareness in you, a future generalist practitioner.
On October 20, 2014, Laquan McDonald, a 17 year old African American male was shot 16 times and killed by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. As you research the Laquan McDonald case, this discussion and details surrounding this case may generate energy and reveal biases unbeknownst to you. I ask that you share those feelings/concerns in this discussion; as well provide a clear understanding of this case, its impact on the McDonald family and the Van Dyke family. How has this tragedy effected the community, the police department, the enactment of laws, etc. How does this case itself connect to your life and the community you live in? What would you suggest the root causes are of police involved killings of (young) black males? What would your response be to address the family dynamics associated with this case? What role, if any, did body cameras play in the decision made by Van Dyke to shoot Laquan McDonald? How can you as a student, future generalist practitioner, advocate on behalf of young black males impacted by what is happening in today’s society regarding this issues. What social work implications would you recommend in addressing this concern? Lastly, do you feel race is a factor in these shootings? If so, why?