Discussion 2-2

So one page is the initial post and second page two different discussion paragraph about the subject.
Research and discuss at least two examples of how companies are using an HR scorecard to help create HR systems that support the companys strategic direction. Do all organizations seem to mean the same thing when they refer to HR scorecards?  If not, how do they differ?  If there is a difference, does this matter?
Your initial post should be at least a paragraph in length (minimum 250 words). However, the content of your post is more important than merely the length of the post.You must create at least two different discussion paragraph in every discussion topic that week. Each discussion paragraph should be substantive about the subject (minimum 100 words).
Your initial post requires inclusion of at least one scholarly or business publication resource pertaining to the topic at hand. For example, does the scholarly literature praise your example’s HR strategy? Does the literature indicate the advantages of one tactic or approach above another?