It is 1940, and you are a selection specialist assigned to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Your assignment is to develop a selection system to “identify operatives who could successfully undertake hazardous intelligence-gathering missions behind enemy lines.” In other words, you are to select spies.
1. You have been given limited job information, no job description, KSAO’s, competencies, or performance criteria related to the position.
2. Since the advertisements for the job must be vague to maintain secrecy, they will attract undesirable candidates, including people who are chronically bored, pathologically adventuresome, neurotically attracted to danger, and so forth. Therefore, you will need to include a process to weed out such individuals.
3. You have no time to validate your assessment methods – they need to be implemented immediately.
Identify the important characteristics (aptitudes, competencies, and so forth) a person needs to be a spy and develop three tests and simulations that will help you identify successful spies. The selection procedure will occur over a three-day period in a private facility (Station S in Virginia).
1. Create a list of important characteristics. Remember, in 1940 there were no computers, video phones, or satellites. Spies needed to be able to o things like access locked buildings, identify possible informants, and persuade them to provide useful information about enemy actions.
2. Determine the 3 most important qualities that an applicant must possess.
3. Develop procedures to test for each of those characteristics during the three-day stay at Station S.
4. Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your selection system.