discussion forum

For this Discussion Forum: Review the website resources, listen to the video’s (located within the content navigation), research website resources and/or textbook information for the following discussion. CHOOSE ONE: Discuss how a “Child” or “Adolescent” or “Adult” or “Older Adult (Aging/Elderly) could be at nutritional risk when there are behavioral and/or psychological factors affecting their food consumption. Think further and consider if these factors could affect the child all the way into adulthood.  1) Indicate your stage of life chosen and how they could be at nutritional risk, 2) Explain what nutritional intervention (or other intervention) can be provided to help make changes and improve their nutritional status. 3) Possibly you have personal experience to share related to a family member, friend, other?  (Examples that could contribute to these factors: Child: allergies or failure to thrive or feeding concerns, Adolescent: obesity or eating disorders, Adult: obesity or medical condition, or eating disorder, and Older Adult/Elderly: dementia and/or depression affecting their food consumption.