Discussion four

Pick ONE of the topics to write about.  Use at least three sources of research for your writing.  Cite those properly in your writing assignment.  Use credible sources…Wikipedia is not an academic research database.  The Bible, The Quran, The Book of Mormon, or any other religious text is not an academic/scientific psychology resource. This is not about religion, but the science of psychology.  
1,  What is the difference in sex and gender? How would you describe gender roles and gender differences to a class of your peers?
2.  Discuss the role of chromosomes and hormones (testosterone, estrogen, and oxytocin) in sex and gender differences.  What differences are caused by chromosomal and hormonal abnormality?
3.  Discuss social learning theory as applied to gender development.  The influence on culture and media on gender roles.
4.  What is sexual orientation?  How do people know their orientation(what are those orientations)?  What causes a person to have a particular orientation, and what role do prejudice and discrimination play in their lives?