discussion post

Please do part 1 and part 2 and label them to show the difference one is our thought and the other is a classmate please don’t write about other person topics!  

Part 1: Criminology in the world.
Find something to examine for evidence of criminological concepts and principles at work. You need to find something in the real world that is connected to the module: this could be an event, your own and others’ behaviour, or some sort of social artifact (movies, TV shows, books, songs, newspaper articles, blogs, current events). For your post, you must describe the thing you have chosen in enough detail so that the rest of us understand it and then make clear connections to the module.

Part 2: Respond to this classmate

After reflecting on the content of this module, I remembered watching Cinderella as a child. Throughout the film, hegemonic masculinity is portrayed through the price and his characteristics. The prince is intense with lots of muscles, brave and rich. As the prince brings Cinderella from rags to riches, a stereotype of the male role is clearly defined. This creates unrealistic and unhealthy expectations. For a personal example of hegemonic masculinity, my father would always tell me that “boys do not cry.” That was his view on the expectations and roles of males. Growing up, I got used to this norm, and it influenced me so much that I had to learn that it was okay to show emotion. So I can see how hegemonic masculinity is perceived as wrongdoings or as something negative.