Discussion Post

Please post a reflection 500 words on the articles provided with the following structure: 

Do NOT include citations from the book in the post that will not count for words. only use the book chapter 11 .I will provide what she took
 points off for in the email there are two screen shots of that she states what i did wrong and what she is looking for in the post. 

For this assignment imagine you are already a teacher and apply the following in your post 

a)Identify the point in the reading (a concept, idea, or strategy) that you find to be the most important for you as a teacher;

 b) Briefly explain why you think this is the most important aspect of the reading; 

c) Describe a lesson scenario incorporating that idea and explain how your students are going to benefit from such incorporation. ( you are 
already the teacher and the lesson scenario is for your class) how would you incorporate this into a lesson.