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Reply Prompt:
What type of market segment selection strategy does your classmates’ answer seem to reflect (Akhter Ch. 7)? How do you know?
This is the classmate you and the post you a responding to: 
Joe Biden’s Heal America
What is the primary message of the campaign, and how is it used to capture multiple target markets?
In this ad Biden demonstrates that he has the ability to reverse the effects of the failures of four major crises that are currently affecting the American people. The crises are: public health crisis, economics crisis, climate crisis, and the racial injustice crisis. According to Biden under his and Kamalas leadership the issues can be addressed appropriately and solve them. As a result, America can move forward in the direction of uniting, healing, and creating a better America for all the people. To capture multiple target markets emotions were used by showing clips of the results of the crisis in question. Everyone can relate to at least one of the four crises.
Explain what segmentation bases were likely used to target customers “with similar needs and response patterns” (Akhter, 155). Be sure to support your answer by citing the part of the ad series that reflects each segmentation base.
The segmentation bases used in Heal America were:

Demographics: In the ad you see people of all ages, race, income, and males and females. At 0.41 you see Kamala hugging a young child. Even though he is young he is still impacted by the crises of public health, economics, climate and racial injustice.
Psychographics: If you notice the ad shows frontline workers, long lines of individuals and natural disasters.
Behavioral: People that are fed up with the way things were going and seeing a possible resolution. Working people felt like they were let down.

How many different personas do you think are targeted using this ad? List a basic description of each persona, and explain how they are different from one another.
 Based on the four-crisis mentioned in the ad I think each represents a persona.
Health Crisis
Sally 27year old nurse. Sally does not believe in the COVID vaccine based on her own beliefs. She will not get vaccinated. If Sally does not get vaccinated, she is at risk of losing her nursing job which will put her in the economic crises as well because she will not be employed.
Economic Crisis
Jim 41, a movie production assistant. Due to COVID restrictions he is laid off because you cant have a lot of people on set at once. Jim who was making a modest income monthly struggle to pay his rent and car note. In two months, he loses his car due to non-payment.
Climate Crisis
Maureen 52, a successful business owner from Louisiana. In 2020 she still is suffering from the affects of Hurricane Katrina.
Racial Injustice Crisis
Black Lives Matter
Police Brutality
Racial Profiling