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the topic is mentioned below you need to use the readings and a video link provided and answer the discusion question. the only reference are these 2 readings  and a short video link provided below please don’t use any other material from outside. 

VIDEO LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ4VzhIuKCQ

For , commodity fetishism is a concept that highlights connections/disconnections between workers and products where products, or objects, are seen as having their own power! And these powers promise to change your life as a consumer! This is where we imagine possibilities for our lives through the objects we consume for example, think of a pair of shoes: what is the difference between a no-name brand of shoes, and a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s? With the Nikes, associated with an NBA All-Star, you might imagine success prestige achievement for examplethere is something, some power, attached to brands that set them apart from their competition.

Think about this in your own lifewhat are the distinctions between wants and needswhat Marx would call wants of the stomach (those things you need) and wants of the fancy (those things you want)what clothing products do you need, and what clothing products do you feel you want. How do you prioritize your own personal spending in light of these differences? Where does the desire for these things you want come from? Did it come from an advertisement? From a celebrity? From an influencer online?