Discussion Response

Pick one (1) question to answer thoroughly referencing the information contained within the chapter module with a minimum of 800 words. Failure to meet requirements or failure to reference course module materials will negatively impact discussion post grade. Posts not including cited information may be subject to penalties. Minimum of five (5) references (including module materials). All discussion posts must be completed by their respective due dates (see course outline). No extensions for discussion board posts will be permitted.
1) In light of the tragedy in Sandy Hook. CT, do you believe that the 2nd Amendment is still applicable in today’s society or should we have the right to restrict the Rights to Bear Arms? 
2) The First Amendment has been challenged in the Supreme Courts numerous times, in light of the recent tapping of phones, emails, censoring of the AP Press by our Government, do you believe that we should sacrifice our constitutional right for Security and Freedom? 
3) Where do we draw the line between the Separation of Church and State and the American Political Process? In God We Trust, God Bless America?  
4) Please watch the HBO Documentary I posted on Course Content and let’s debate the Freedom of Speech Principle. How free are we?