Discussion The ancient Greek and Roman cultures greatly influenced Western civilization in

The ancient Greek and Roman cultures greatly influenced Western civilization in many ways, including philosophy, medicine, language, government, theatre, literature, art, and architecture. You may not realize it, but many of the buildings in your town or city are based on the building designs of these societies, which is commonly referred to as neoclassical architecture.  
Research neoclassical architecture. What are the characteristics of this style?
Choose a neoclassical style building in Washington, DC.
Paste an image of it directly into the discussion board. Include the name of the building, location, the designer or architect, and the date it was completed.
Identify and explain the purpose and function of three architectural elements that are adapted or inspired by Greek and Roman buildings.
Alongside the image of the building in Washington, DC, paste an image of a building from the ancient Greek or Roman cultures that could have inspired it.
Explain why the designers and architects of the nation’s capital looked to the ancient Greeks and Romans for inspiration.
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