Do-Hu-Suh discussion on Home

Do-Ho Suh is a famous Korean artist who does large installation pieces and public sculpture as well.  I believe you will find his work fascinating and intricately different from other contemporary artists.

Once on the page for Do-Ho Suh, review his works, some of his biography, and the two videos on two of his installations.  
The following videos are from segments in the  Art:21 devoted to Do-Ho Suh.  I would like you to watch one or all.  Take your pick but they are all very interesting.  After watching these please answer the questions below in the appropriate discussion forum and be sure you use specific details from the videos in your response.

After you watch the video, consider the following:
Home is a personal and yet universal concept. Whether it is a building, a community, a group of people or a country, the idea of home connects all of us. But home can also provoke feelings of loss, nostalgia, homesickness, and isolation. In an age of international travel and intercontinental trade, leaving home has become more common and even expected in many communities. The lessons in this topic explore feelings of community, commonality, and belonging to a home; as well as dislocation, distance and isolation from the idea of home in today’s increasingly global, migratory society.  PANDEMIC NOTE* This is especially appropriate at this time during our ” more than usual” time we have been staying at our homes.  

In order to initiate this discussion board and  begin a discussion about the meaning of home, consider these  critical questions and then post your answers to:

***Discuss  what you found intriguing  about his art work or mention some of the distinguishing ART ELEMENTS of line, shape, color, texture, value, and space from CH. 4. that he applies to his work.    *15  points 
• What are different meanings the word  “Home” can have and what are the different roles a home can serve? 5 points

• How do we describe home, personally, culturally, socially? 5 points

• What are the things necessary in a home and to a home? what are the  different objects, emotions, or individuals that create the feeling of home? 5 points
  You may also comment on any other pieces of this artists work that you liked or found interesting.  

* After discussing with the class by posting your responses to the questions above, please construct a short poem on what “HOME” IS TO YOU.       5 points…
For example, a line from your poem may be, “Home is…my mother’s arms, the place I go to rest, the soft bounce of my pillow as I crash into bed.”