Document Interpretation #1: Pocahontas Assignment

 Step One
Compare and contrast four of the depictions of Pocahontas available in the Lehigh University Pocahontas Archive, .
Step Two
Write a 3+ page paper (at least 750 words) in which you answer three questions:

How you believe the people who produced these images and depictions want you to see and understand Pocahontas?  Do they want you to see her as a hero or a villain?  Powerful or weak?  Masculine or feminine?  Independent or subservient?  Is her depiction an attempt to accurately portray her culture or to stylize or caricature her culture?   
If you were tasked with the responsibility of creating an image or depicting Pocahontas today, how would you approach the task?  Would it be a painting or a poem or a play or a movie or a statue or something else?  Describe what your image(s) or depiction of her would look like, and what understanding of Pocahontas would you want the viewer to have.