doing sociology

As we are learning this week, all research starts with a personal and or professional interest. Is there a social issue or problem in which you are interested? Is there a lack of understanding of some aspect of the issue or problem that has not been addressed? Have events changed since previous research was conducted that needs updating? There are a lot of good reasons to conduction sociological research! In order to design a research project – that is, to select an appropriate methodology – we need to have a clearly defined research question. Once we have formulated an appropriate research question, we will have a good idea of the kinds of data we need to answer that question and the most appropriate, accurate, and ethical ways to collect those data.
This assignment will help serve as a starting point for your Research Project Design assignment, but it will be evaluated separately (that is, a separate grade will be assigned).
Identify at least one area of sociological interest about which you would like to know more. You can select an area other than the ones listed; these are simply some examples.
Groups, Organizations, Social Institutions
Status and Roles
Social Structure
Status and Roles
Social Structure
Culture, Subcultures, Countercultures
Social Class
First, describe what general area interests you the most and why – a short paragraph should suffice.
Second, develop four research questions that you might investigate about the topic you selected. Which one most interests you? Do they all seem “doable?” Identify each question the best you can as either descriptive, exploratory, explanatory, or evaluative.