earlychildhood education

A philosophy statement is a personal statement about your educational beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers because it is a personal statement. By writing your philosophy, you will have an opportunity to develop your beliefs and values about teaching and learning. You are going to develop your statement throughout the semester as we learn our History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education so that you will be able to evolve your educational beliefs. Please remember that you need to write it from your heart. 

Question # 1.  Clear description of beliefs about the nature of children.
Question # 2.  Clear description of important purposes/goals of early childhood education.
Question # 3.  Clear description of at least one theory or research that has most influenced your Philosophy
Question # 4.   Clear description of the role of the teacher in the teaching-learning process.
Question # 5.  Clear description of the personal dispositions you believe are essential for effective early childhood teaching.

Question # 6.   Clear description of beliefs you have about the most effective way to teach and learn.
Question # 7.  Clear description of what should be included in the explicit curriculum.
Question # 8.  Clear description of qualities of a good early childhood class, center, or school.
Question # 9.   Clear description of the role families and community organizations play in effective education.

Be organized, precise, and free of grammatical errors.
2) Be typed in 12-point font and double-spaced.
3) Be no more than THREE (3) pages.
4) Have a cover page.