Effects of Poverty: Just getting through the day is the priority – Elementary Education

Write a 3 page concept paper on an issue that interests you and is relevant to class discussions. 
1.     Choose an issue or concept (with approval from professor). EFFECTS OF POVERTY: just getting through the day is priority! 
2.     Read and reflect on 3 to 5 articles on the issue or concept.
3.     Include at least one article that addresses the issue in relationship to your current or future geographical location. (North Alabama)
4.     Use standard APA formatting in drafting the paper. 
6.     Include these components in the paper:
a.     Title Page
b.     Abstract
c.     Body of the Paper
1.     Introduction
2.     The Issue from the National Perspective
3.     The Issue from the State Perspective (Alabama) 
4.     The Issue from the Local Perspective (North Alabama) 
5.     Summary
6.     Reference List