ENGL World Literature – Critical Literary Analysis (Masters) – Sold by Patricia McCormick

Literary Analysis Essay Sold by Patricia McCormick
Class: English Literature – World Literature 
Education Level: Masters Degree
Essay Type: Literary Analysis  
Language: English US
Pages: 3  (MLA)
Deadline: Saturday, September 11th (Latest 10:00 PM)
NOTE:  PLease ensure authenticity and creatively – No Plagiarism or use of other essays Online (I will check)
About the Class: 

In depth textual analysis of novels about children growing up in six different countries and cultures in situations far different from what we have experienced in our own lives. 

These are novels, that is, fictional, but they are based on actual experiences that children have undergone. We will locate these experiences in time (history) and place (geography) in an attempt to flesh out the stories. At that same time, we will examine the links that exist to similar experiences in our own world. 

By the end of the session, you will be asked to assess the ways in which the course and the novels have helped you to avoid the danger of a single story.

Professor Notes:

The assignment combines close reading skills with your analysis, thesis writing skills to write a paper that is both intellectually innovative and persuasive. 

Ensure to construct a thesis that reflects the subtleties of your close readings and ties them all together

Remember your imaginary audience.  Give them something subtle, something insightful that brings the audience into the novel world 

Use direct quotes from the novels to back up your claims

Do not begin your Introduction with a generalized  Sold by Patricia Mccormick…:  Your textual analysis is of primary importance, and beginning in a generalized fashion is incredibly boring.  For example: Start with an insightful connection to the authors choice of style/words in connection of how we think about the messages in poetry and Literature

Identify literary techniques and devices  that McCormick provides  the audience  to truly experience Lacksmis story and life  (imagery, language, vignettes, poetry, style, spacing, short pages)

Assignment Details: 

Sold By Patricia McCormick

Essay Topic:
The form of the novel Sold is very unusual. Often a section is only one page (or less) long; each section has its own title. How is the form appropriate for the novel and its message? (2-3 pages).
Possible points of departure: 
Ways of thinking about the novel. Do not structure your essay into sections and answer each answer

The text of Sold does not look like what we expect of a novelthat is, paragraphs/pages of uniformly printed sentences and paragraphs. If it doesnt resemble a conventional novel, what model then does it seem to follow? In other words: A page in this novel looks like a page you might find in what type of text? 

Story Structure: Distinctly different paragraphing and sentence structure from that of other fiction novelists – How are the lines represented?  

Mirrors what type of text?: Vignettes, Poetry, Lyrical Verse

Describe the Literacy and Language of the Novel.  

How does the choice of Narrative Person, Narrative voice,  poetic style, Characterization of Laskmi aid the importance to the storys message?

What is the range of writing techniques and literary devices used by McCormick?