English 123

Activity: Revisiting Your Persuasive Essay (GRADED)
NOTE: This activity will be graded based on completion.

When it comes to writingas with most things in lifethere’s always room for improvement. As you progress in your academic journey and career, you’ll see that writing is a process that doesn’t end at the conclusion of a single course, this one included. With this in mind, let’s revisit your final project to work on the small-scale revision topics that were discussed in the previous module.
Open the most recent copy of your essay draft. Once again, read your essay aloud and listen for any areas where your grammar and mechanics could be improved. Then, using guidance from the reading this week, revise one or two paragraphs of the essay that you feel need more polishing so that they are as clear and concise as they can be. Remember, the key is to read your essay aloud, s-l-o-w-l-y. If this technique doesn’t work for you, though, have a friend, family member, or co-worker read the essay aloud to you. This can also help you identify sections of the text that may need to be reworked.