English Romanticism (Two Page Double Spaced) Paper on Dorothy Wordsworth, “The Grasmere Journal” and “Floating Island”

This assignment is to complete a 2 page, double spaced, essay responding to the prompt below on Dorthy and William Wordsworth works. All three works to be studied, Grasmere Journal, Floating Island, and The Two Part Prelude are attached. Please cite by line number and author, MLA format. Your essay must be plagarism free, grammar/ error free, and should flow and make logical sense. Be sure to cite lots of direct textual evidence often, not parantheical citations. Please use and cite from the editons of the text attached. 

Prompt: Putting aside the obvious differences in medium, purpose and audience, in what philosophical and thematic ways does Dorothy Wordsworth’s journal differ from her brother William’s Two-Part Prelude (Attached)? What is Dorothy’s focus and what are her primary concerns as opposed to William? Perhaps most important, how does her representation of and relationship to Nature differ from her brother’s? You should also discuss their stylistic differences. Cite specific evidence from both hers and William’s texts.