Compare and Contrast Essay
For this assignment you will generate a topic for a compare and contrast essay and another topic for a descriptive essay. For each topic you will engage in prewriting, using either the technique of mind mapping or listing. By the end of this module you will choose a topic to continue to develop in modules three and four. In order to complete this module successfully, please follow the steps below. The materials in the additional resources for this module will assist you in completing each of these steps.

Create an APA Style cover page (also referred to as a title page). 


Read the guidelines for formatting your paper, paying particular attention to APA required font, numbering pages, line spacing, and margins. 
Read and learn about the variety of essay patterns, also known as rhetorical modes of writing. Use the content in the additional materials to get an overview of the purpose and pattern of each of the modes discussed. Spend extra time reading the information focused on comparison and contrast essays and descriptive essays.  

Choose a topic for each: 

a comparison and contrast essay 
a descriptive essay 

You can do a Google search to help you identify a topic of interest for each of these rhetorical modes of writing.

Prewriting is the first step in the writing process. There are a variety of techniques that can be used during the prewriting stage of writing.

You will be using a mind map/lists (you can choose to use mind mapping or list making for both of your chosen topics or use a mind map for one topic and listing for the other topic. Trying each of the techniques will arm you with a variety of tools as you move through both this course and future courses.  

After completing your prewriting for each topic, analyze the details you have generated and look for patterns (details that could be grouped in one paragraph, connected by a big idea). Use color-coding, numbers or letters to indicate which ideas you might group together in body paragraphs.
Evaluate the two products that are a result of prewriting and consider which of the two essays you would like to move forward with in modules three and four. Please remember to save all of your work.
Include a focused, organized paragraph reflecting on your work and learning in this module: 

What did you learn? 
What was new information? 
Did you struggle at any point while completing this assignment?
What did you enjoy? 
What area of writing do you know you will need to work on moving forward?  
What else do you want to include in your reflection?  
In this paragraph please indicate which rhetorical mode (compare and contrast or descriptive) and topic you are choosing to move forward with in modules three and four.

Create a reference page, including all the sources you utilized to complete your module two submission.