Environmental Biology (BIOL 1230)

M6A2: Dolphins, PCB, and the safety of croaker consumption
This activity aligns with Module Objective 2.3 .

The time estimated to complete this activity is 60 minutes.
External resources, including other individuals, texts, or internet resources, may be used, but all work should be in your own words and include citations where external resources are referenced.
A quiz-like assessment will be used to evaluate this activity. More details about the evaluation are described in the assessment instructions.
A satisfactory score also depends on the successful completion of the worksheet rubric.

Overview and Direction
What do Georgian dolphins have to do with environmental policy? An on-going environmental issue focused on a Brunswick-area superfund site illustrates the role of government and industry in environmental health.
For this assignment, start by reading the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article – https://www.ajc.com/news/state–regional/plant-cleanup-raises-new-concerns-georgia-coast/h7EV1nOK2JAFMUrQMIjISN/  Plant cleanup raises new concerns on the Georgia coast, which summarizes an environmental issue and clean-up site near Brunswick, Georgia. Next, listen to the 13 min podcast summarizing the issue from NOAA’s Making Waves Podcast: https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/podcast/making-waves-podcast-archive.php