Essay about favorite musical

1.  Please pick a musical that means something to you,and discuss your relationship with it.  Ifyou dont have any relationship to musicals at all, try to find a song, dance,scene or character that originally came from a musical and focus on thatinstead.

I picked musical Alladin

Your essay should be three to five pages in length (or 700-1300words, give or take), and entirely in your own voice. It doesnt need to be formal(in other words, you do not need to include things like citations and abibliography), but if you take information from sources, they all have to beproperly cited. Your posts must be checked for spelling, grammar, usage, etc.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated; if I discover that youvelifted prose from any other source without citing it properly, you will receivea zero for this assignment and will be reported to the dean. Put everythinginto your own words, refer to any written materials you draw from, and makesure your writing is always your own.
This is a wide-open assignment for a reason: Id like to get asense of your relationship to popular music, as well as the ways you express yourselfas a writer. As long as your essay is appropriate for the public setting a bloginevitably is, and as long as your topic is related in some way or another tothe course material, please write freely and well!