I believe that I should receive the K. Leroy Irvis Undergraduate Scholarship.  I am an individual from Africa, and the scholarship represents a significant opportunity to spread my wings and represent my home country and people in the platform of academic excellence as well as professional development and fineness. I am fit for the scholarship because of my educational background. I believe in education as the key to success, and I have thus made it my life’s mission to pursue the greatest level achievable for the purpose of unlocking my dreams and promoting my country to the top of academic excellence. I am hard-working, resilient, and dedicated. These are attributes that have developed over the years through difficult experiences arising from the nature of the society that I come from. I have passed through many social, cultural, and gender challenges in my life. I believe that I am a highflier, and my life experience can tell it all. Despite all odds associated with being an individual of color and coming from a country that discriminates against people based on gender, I have managed to persevere and rise above great levels of challenges in my life. My experience and resilience would be critical for the cause and the academic fraternity in general. I will work towards the positive development of the organization. I would bring a significant sense of pride as a result of the high academic and achievement that I will pursue due to the help of the scholarship.
I have attained the level of education that I have today while at a late stage in my life. However, this is to only demonstrate my dedication and willingness to pursue high levels of education. Being a mother of two children has not stopped me from achieving my dreams. In fact, they have been the stepping stone that has spearheaded me into where I am today. My oldest child has been a very source of inspiration, and this is because I have worked tirelessly to ensure that she has a life that I did not. We are both in school, and despite the age difference, she stands as a very important figure in my pursuit of academic success. For a long time, I have presumed that it would be impossible for a woman from Zimbabwe to have a good education and raise the ladder of academic and career success. I come from a country where education is not a priority, and it is worse for a woman because education is not accepted. I am very lucky because I have managed to gain a little exposure that has opened my mind to today’s world. I have developed an understanding of how the world operates, and the person with the greatest knowledge stands a better chance of being successful. Success in today’s world is associated with being in demand as far as professional development is concerned. Thus, I have made it my life’s job to increase my knowledge through academics and help my children achieve what I could not. Therefore, my daughter represents the dreams that I had while I was young, but the difference is that she is walking in the shoes that I had no opportunity to access while young.
The K. Leroy Irvis Undergraduate Scholarship was created for the purpose of uplifting underprivileged individuals. It focuses on African Americans and other minorities because of the nature of the society that they live in, which is pitted against them. However, the scholarship is best suited for me because the society that I have come from is founded on more challenges and limitations. Economic instability and limited progress in education and other sectors have been a significant hindrance to the youngest people’s progress and development. Receiving the scholarship will, therefore, not only uplift the African American community in the United States but will also be impactful to the Zimbabwean community that I come from. I will be one among the few women in my generation who have managed to get such an achievement. This will go a long path towards a system change due to the significant level of inspiration that girls and the rest of the Zimbabwean society will receive. I believe that I can make my country proud, and if given the opportunity, I will work through all the possible challenges that come with this level of academic achievement. The scholarship was developed with the focus on the need for helping African Americans. The enhancement of African Americans’ presence in the University is critical, and the only way that this is possible is by helping out disadvantaged students with the financial burden associated with pursuing a college degree. The organization, therefore, stands as a pillar of hope of many communities in the country by providing people a lifeline for transforming themselves.
I put a lot of weight on the nature of the country that I have come from, and the reason is because of how the country has been a primary source of impediment. I, however, wish to develop into a leader capable of exercising political, social, and cultural authority in my home country to improve the situation of my countrymen and women and also to streamline the path of many and ensure that they have a better chance of a bright future. I believe that I have developed great leadership skills over the years through associations with different leadership positions in the school. I am currently a Student Ambassador at the College. This is a position that has offered me the chance to represent other people and making sure their needs are addressed through the Student Resource Center Office. I have also been the President of the Mutual Africa Club at the College. This is also a very strong leadership position that helped me oversee great development and connections between African students. Therefore, I have a substantial amount of experience with leadership and represent something that I have cultivated over the years.
Therefore, I believe that I should receive the scholarship because I have what it takes to have a significant level of academic success through the program. My background and years of experience represent the pillars and foundation that anchor me and guide me through a path filled with challenges. I believed that education is very important, and thus my purist, despite my age, is paramount for the sake of myself, my children, and the community that I have come from.

I graduated in May 2021 with an Associate degree in Health Sciences and have a Bachelors of commerce degree and l work for the Hospital as a Patient care technician, job descriotion below