Essay- the Japanese Internment Camps or on Area 51.

Write an essay of at least two paragraphs (one page) on either the topic of the Japanese Internment Camps or on Area 51. 
Your essay reflections on the materials for this week must be different from what you post in the discussion board forum on the topic for this week.  
In your chosen essay, be sure to address the questions below related to your selected essay topic.
Option 1: Japanese Internment Camp
The Japanese Internment Camp took place after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The government decided that they could not trust Japanese Americans during this time of war. They rounded up all Asian Americans (many non-Japanese Americans were rounded up for the simple fact they were of Asian descent)  and placed them into camps where they went on to create sub-communities for many years. Why? If you were in charge during this time of war would you have imprisoned Japanese Americans for a threat that they might not be loyal to the U.S?  What would you have done to prevent this event?  This week you may write a TWO PARAGRAPH response. 
Option 2: Area 51
Area 51 has been the focal point of alien conspiracy theories in America for decades. Do you believe most of the conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51? Why or why not.  Make sure the writing assignment is one page in length, double spaced. (This week you may write a TWO PARAGRAPH response).