5 pages minimum. Using what you have learned about Ethics in Criminal Justice, find two cases where ethical concerns in Criminal Justice were an issue. These cases could range from police misconduct (excessive use of force, for ex.), to embezzling by a prominent lawyer or judge, etc. Compare and contrast the two cases showing the ethical concerns at hand. How were these concerns a violation of ethics? Then, reflect on what exactly are the biggest ethical concerns currently facing the criminal justice system today. For example, is it police misconduct; if so, why? Please thoroughly explain your answers, using secondary literature to support your answers. Finally, summarize what you have learned about Ethics in Criminal Justice and write how you plan to apply what you have learned in this course to your future career in Criminal Justice. A minimum of 4 sources (including your textbook!) is required; sources are to be cited using APA format. Points will also be taken off for grammar errors, especially the use of contractions, as papers written in APA format DO NOT have contractions in them! 

Text book: Everyday Ethics for Crimnal Justice by Kelly Cheeseman