Ethics of Global Engagement Discussion Response

These discussion response essays (3-5 double spaced pages, Times New Roman 12pt Font, MLA, APA, or Chicago citations as necessary) focus on various theoretical approaches to ethics discussed in Widdows, Global Ethics and ask you to apply them to a given scenario along with viewing a variety of Ethics tests (listed in the course calendar)
Important note: these are informal intellectual essays and while it is expected that you will relate your answer to the course material, you are also expected to bring your own personal knowledge and experience to the group chat.
Response Essay #2: Respond to and apply the Justice Test and the Choices Test to scenarios provided in the course readings and to a personal and/or professional experience. How do the online readings and films this week reflect on ethical decision making and how can the tests be utilized in the scenarios presented therein? 

Your discussion essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Identifies and explains the complexity of ethical obligations that extends beyond ones family and friends to the broader community

Applies appropriate ethical theories to the given problem

Articulates important ethical issues and identifies alternative positions for those issues

Identifies and explains your own ethical viewpoint and effectively defends it.

Demonstrates complexity of thought, stretching beyond what is immediately apparent.

Presents ideas fluently in text that is free from mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, word use)

Link to the book online (Chapter 4-7):