Ethics Writing Assignment

For the second assignment I want you to put together the things that you have learned this semester to analyze an issue and reach a conclusion. I want you to (a) choose a company that is lagging in diversity and (b) choose one of the following racial equity policies to analyze. You should assume that your company has interest in increasing diversity both because there is some pressure from the public and because it would help their reputation. However, they have not decided whether to go the extra mile and your analysis will assist them.
The equity practices that I want you to consider are: (1) Hiring a chief diversity officer that will have hiring and firing power and will report directly to the board. (2) Requiring equity trainings when employees are hired and every quarter thereafter. These trainings will not only require employees to learn information but also to apply these lessons as part of their job evaluations. (3) Hiring an equity consultant that will interview all employees and review company policies. This consultant will be empowered to make binding recommendations on policy changes and terminations to the board.
Please draft an essay of 1500 words or less that:

Introduces the practice briefly and describes the company and it does and includes where it currently stands in terms of diversity (here I mean something like numbers or percentages) [one paragraph] [~100 words]*
Provides a full analysis of the practice (this includes both the positive and negative) under one of the four (including pragmatism) ethical frameworks we have discussed [several paragraphs] [~750-1000 words] Ethical frameworks include Pragmatism, Stakeholder theory, Shareholder theory, and Virtue theory
Considers opposing arguments others at the company might make [at least two paragraphs] [~200-450 words]
Concludes by clearly stating where you stand on the practice being (a) ethical and (b) beneficialin your opinion and briefly summarizes [one paragraph] [~100-150 words]

Your analysis should be tailored to the company you have chosen. I am not requiring you to do extensive research on the company. However, your analysis should take the big picture into account, including the companys size, its location, and consumer base.
Please do not consider the legalities of these policies, since I do not want to complicate this for you. You should just consider the frameworks we used and the typical business ethics arguments that we have made this semester.
Writing succinctly and clearly should be your primary goal. The major part of your grade (from 05) will be based on how well you support your arguments with reference to your chosen framework and your ability to provide a balanced analysis while still reaching a conclusion.
Please note that while I will not be focused on punctuation and grammar, if you have enough errors that distract from the flow of your paper I will deduct. Please proofread.
The top of your first page should include the following information:
Company chosen: [you have a lot of leeway here but dont make it a slam dunk]
Equity practice chosen: [please do not discuss multiple practices]
Your chosen framework: [shareholder, stakeholder, virtue, or pragmatism]
Ethical or Unethical: [you have to make a choice]
Word count: [1500 words or less]
Please use a Word (or similar) document, a legible font, 1-inch borders, and double spacing.