Evaluate Behaviorism and Learning

In the editorial, explain and provide background about the theory of behaviorism and how it is used as a basis for instructional 
strategies in the K-12 classroom. Include an opinion about behaviorism and advocate for or against the use of behaviorism-based 
instructional strategies in the K-12 classroom.
Be sure to consider the following in your assignment:

Be sure your editorial includes the following parts: an introduction, an argument that presents your opinion, cited evidence to support your opinion, a view of all perspectives (opposing viewpoint on behaviorism), and a summary statement.
Focus on the goal of your editorial to help you determine the tone you take in your writing.
Ensure that your opinion is supported by evidence obtained through scholarly references.
Use cited evidence to present or refute opposing viewpoints.
Since this is an editorial, you may use first person (I) in your writing.