Evidence Based Practice Worksheet /evaluation of research article

THIS IS NOT ESSAY— its more like worksheet /finding the article and answering the questions on the worksheet Evidence-Based Decision-Making worksheet using your PICO question/topic” PICO Question: A 45-year-old female presents with a moderate gingival bleeding, will flossing with regular dental floss compared to flossing with water flosser be more effective and result decrease in gingival bleeding? P: Patient presents with a moderate gingival bleeding I: Using regular dental floss C: Using a Water flosser O: Result in decreased gingival bleeding Locate clinical research article that pertain (support, or related) to PICO question and evaluate with the EBDM worksheet . There is a Word document for the EBDM worksheet, if you type, please use a different color font. Make sure to complete all parts (A through G)