examines an organization’s issue.

Final Research Proposal Information (Artifact)
The student will provide a combination of research and theory to develop an individual
final research project which examines an organization’s issue. The organization can be
either the place the student currently works or an organization that grants the student
permission to conduct research. The student will identify the issue(s) and provide
recommendations to resolve the issue(s) that will also incorporate one of the founding
theorists as part of the solution.
This project is completed in an individual setting, synthesizing information from the rest of
the program. Students learn significant skills in research and writing, synthesis,
application, and demonstrate skills in applying theoretical constructs to concrete
Your research paper should include:
1. Title Page
2. Introduction – In this section of the paper, the student will identify three of the five
foundational theorists, the organization to be researched, and how an issue(s) will
be identified, and provide recommendation(s).
3. Review of literature.
a. Discuss the history of the three foundational theories you selected to review.
b. Discuss the current research of the three foundational theories and how they
are being used in today’s organizations and provide examples.
4. Organization Background
a. Describe the organization in detail such as when was it established, employees,
industry, etc.
b. Identify and discuss the primary foundational theory you selected to solve
the issue(s). You can also utilize other supporting leadership theories if needed.
ORGL 4361 – Capstone II
c. Find a minimum of 6 sources which must be peer-reviewed journal articles.
4. Recommendations
a. Discuss the recommendation(s) to solve the issue(s) you have identified in the
b. Discuss how the recommendations will improve the organization overall should
they be implemented.
5. Conclusion
a. Please include information that you have learned and what you will take away
from the research you found.
b. How will you use your new leadership skills as a future leader when
encountering an issue in your organization?
6. References
a. APA format 7th Edition