Executive summary case for Netflix ( HR MGMT performance leadership)

Case analysis (MGMT performance leadership)
Please reading the Netflix case and answer those questions:
You are working for Netflix. This week, you are at a career fair for university graduates. A talented student asks you why they should work for Netflix if there are no performance-related bonuses.
Q1: What do you say to point out the benefits of HR practices that prioritise intrinsic motivation over extrinsic motivation?
Q2: Justify your response.
Points to consider:
·       How does Netflix pay its employees? How is its total compensation level (search on Glassdoor.com or other websites)?
·       If using one word to describe the HR practices in Netflix, what word would it be? What’s the benefits of such practices?
·       What do you think is the best motivation strategy (intrinsic and extrinsic motivators) in high-tech companies (like Netflix, Google, Facebook, IBM…) that rely on employee creativity?
·       How are employee performance assessed in Netflix? Results or behavior approach? How are the performance appraisal outcomes used? What are the consequences? 
When you answer questions please read the example and rubric.
You must according to the textbook’s knowledge write this essay
All structure follow the example which I provided.
At least 5 references. MUST BE Academic reference, from google scholar, 3 from journal which must be “peer reviewed” from ABDC list (I provided)
You need to organize the original sentences you quote into a document and mark the sentences after your summary.
This means that it is convenient for me to check the original sentence one by one with the sentence you quoted and summarized.