Facility planning and event management

Using the below example of a Concessionaire Job Description. Create one for a Facility Manager. You may have additional sections. The below is just an example of the minimum requirements for the assignment.
Job Analysis
Essential Job Functions

Wears uniform while on duty
Maintains good public relations at all times by being helpful and pleasant
Performs the job safely and in compliance with district policies, procedures, work and safety rules, and the employee manual
Maintains good personal hygiene, including regular washing of hands
Keeps concession work area as neat, orderly, and clean as possible
Understands how to prepare basic food dishes
Understands how to operate cash registers.
Sells alcoholic beverages in compliance with all laws and facility policies and procedures


Responsible for proper handling of cash and cash register operations
Handles cash, check, credit card, and fun card transactions
Performs end-of-shift cash-handling procedures, closing cash-handling procedures, or both as provided in the Cash-Handling Procedures manual
Faces all money correctly in the cash drawer
Fills out deposit form at end of shift and has it verified by concession manager

Food Service Preparation

Stocks and displays concession products for sale to patrons and replenishes as necessary
Prepares concession products according to instructions
Serves food and beverages to concession patrons
Helps minimize waste by cooking less food when attendance is low
Wipes off counters and concession equipment throughout the day
Cleans and sweeps concession eating area (inside and outside) throughout the day and at the end of the day
Cleans and sterilizes all food service equipment and utensils at the end of the day
Follows all appropriate local and state health department rules and regulations
Monitors concession trash and empties when full
Removes all trash from daily concession operation to trash bin regularly
Performs other duties assigned

Psychological Considerations

Must work closely with coworkers and the general public
Experiences ongoing concerns for all safety and liability issues
Must have ability to deal with other people under stressful situations
May work under stressful situations when first aid or CPR is required

Physiological Considerations

Occasional lifting; usually 30 pounds (13.6 kg) or less
Must respond to situations quickly and accurately

Environmental Considerations
May be required to work during adverse weather conditions, including hot or cold temperatures and inclement weather such as snow or rain. 

Cognitive Considerations
Must be knowledgeable about all concession operations and constantly strive for improvement
Must use good judgment at all times and be aware of immediate surroundings

Minimum Qualifying Experience

High school diploma or equivalent
Ability to operate the business under adverse weather conditions, both hot and cold
Good driving record with the ability to drive an electric cart

Additional Skills

A flexible schedule, including being available nights and weekends
Ability to lift; carry; and set up tents, tables, and other equipment
Ability to work independently without direct supervision
Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal skills
Ability to function in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
Ability to train workers in food preparation, customer service, and other tasks
Ability to manage several people at various event sites

Job Description: Concessionaire
The concessionaire serves food and beverages to patrons at a counter or from a steam table at a recreation center. A person in this position will assist in scheduling and training staff, with an emphasis on customer service, and assist in product ordering. He or she will oversee cash handling and inventory control at events and ensure that all events run smoothly while complying with all health code regulations and applicable laws. Concessionaires need to be Safe Serve and TEAM certified to work at this facility.