FDA has approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

The topic for the required attendance assignment is this week’s FDA has approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. 
For Advertising I assign what I refer to as “deconstructions” of an ad – you can select any medium, that is newspaper, magazine, billboard or any out-of-home medium such as a bus or subway sign, webpage, radio, television and any other media I may have neglected to list.
Then using the topic that I have selected, find an ad and look at every and each element in the ad. So if it was a poster, then you might note the visual, the talent/actor (their demographic including age and ethnicity, their wardrobe) copy, the coloration, the placement and any legalize that might be printed on it. For television or video there are more elements which include sound, copy, and movement. Radio has, of course, sound and sound effects as well as spokesperson/voice over. The intention is for the student to really analyze how the message has been constructed to understand its efficacy, or perhaps, its failure to communication (yes, there certainly are bad ads out there!) Consider the location or set or if it is shot on seamless and therefore in nowhere land. For the purposes of these assignments, you should not attempt an ad that exceeds :30 (which is the standard length for an ad on television although :10, :15, and :20 are also fine lengths)) otherwise you will be overwhelmed trying to reiterate all of the details.
Now for this assignment…find an ad (CVS, Pfizer etc) or perhaps you are more interested in political advertising which means you might locate a political figure discussing the FDA approval (but not a White House press conference/statement – find an actually completed piece). The purpose is to identify all of the elements but if you have a sentence or so about concept then that is fine too. It is helpful if you provide the website for me so that I too can view it. However, try to keep it within one single spaced page