fictional story

The Bliss Paper must be typed, double-spaced, 750-1000 words.
Write about your life as if you are the hero/heroine of the story. This paper must be about you and the process of your own transformation in life . Your theme will be finding my bliss (what career path to follow).

The steps of the story 

The hero/heroine leaves home physically, emotionally, psychologically. Home is the place you were before you began your journey. Include in your discussion your meaning of life, where you are on Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, and Maslows self- actualization attributes.
The hero/heroine undergoes trials and tribulations: Whatever trips you up, from within or without. What obstacles and challenges have you faced during this semester? What have you learned from those trials and tribulations? Include in your discussion locus of control, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and diversity.
The hero/heroine looks within: What insights have you discovered on this journey? Flush out what you have learned about yourself through the various activities, tests, and assignments in the class. Include in your discussion the results of your personality type, interest inventory, and values.
Bliss/end of the journey: The hero/heroine comes back from the journey visibly changed. The end of the journey shows your passion and future direction. What have you discovered as your bliss? What career path do you plan to pursue? Have you found that you have a passion for more than one thing? In your discussion, include the Informational Interview and major research