Filling in missing pieces

M4A1: Filling in the Missing Pieces – What Evidence Was Missing? 
In module 2, you evaluated the evidence in your information folder for relevance and applicability to the problem and organization. You also evaluated it for credibility of sources.
This week, you will focus on what was missing from the portfolio provided in terms of evidence, information, and data. Your goal will be to add articles and other credible information to the portfolio – to fill in the gaps. Be sure to focus on the missing evidence from the portfolio, not from the actual case scenario/video. Specifically, you will write a paper that describes what was missing and how this information would assist you in addressing the problem or issue you were charged to address.
The purpose of the assignment is for you to continue to demonstrate your mastery of the following BHS program outcome:

PO1: Identify and evaluate evidence to guide decision making.

In a 3-5 page double spaced and APA formatted paper, please address the following: 

After reviewing your portfolio, what information did you find missing that would help you?
Why is this missing information so important to your work in addressing the problem or issue?
Identify 3-5 credible additional sources that will provide you with the needed information. Use the Evaluating Evidence (Links to an external site.) page of your BHS Capstone Library Course Guide to ensure that you are recommending credible
Provide a summary of each source and explain how each source will help you to address the problem you were charged with resolving in the case scenario.

Your paper must be 3-5 double-spaced pages, must use references, and should be APA formatted. You must submit this assignment to and make any necessary edits prior to submission. This paper is due at the end of module 4.