EDU 120 OT
Introduction to Education
Final Assignment
Your Philosophy ofEducation
Your own philosophy of education isespecially important.  It provides focusand emphasis for your teaching.  Workingto communicate your philosophy helps you to become aware of your own goals andvalues, which prepares you to integrate them with the goals and values espousedby your district and your community. 
Your statement of philosophy is adescription of your own goals and beliefs as a teacher.  There is no right philosophy.  Some fit into certain settings better thanothers. You will refine, augment, and develop your philosophy for the rest ofyour career. 
Your philosophy should be no longerthan two typed, double spaced pages. Somewhere in your philosophy answer the following questions:
-What is the purpose of education?(What goals do you want your students to achieve?)
-What is the students role?  (What are students responsibilities?)
-What is the teachers role?
-What is the teachers role as abridge to the community?
-What is the teachers role ineducational renewal and reform? 
This statement, your philosophy,should rely on your personal beliefs and experiences gained during yourobservations, discussions, and readings from this course.
You may want to try using a metaphorto describe your philosophy more clearly and vividly.  Growing plants, filling a pitcher, moldingclay are just a few common ones used. You may want to create a new one that is personal to you and based onexperiences, skills, hobbies, or an activity that you especially enjoy (for example,unlike a bicycle, education has more than two wheels!) 
Using the following statementsmay be helpful as you write your personal philosophy of education.
I believe the purposes of educationare.
I believe that students learn bestwhen they are taught under certain conditions and in certain ways.  Some of these are
The curriculum all of theactivities and experiences of my classroom should include certain basicsthat contribute to my students social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.  These basics include
Students learn best in anenvironment that promotes learning. Features of a good learning environment are .
All students have certain needs thatmust be met if they are to grow and learn at their best.  Some of these basic needs are.
I would meet these needs by.
A teacher should have certainqualities and behave in certain way. Qualities I think important for teaching are.