Your final paper is 1000-words (ALWAYS INCLUDE THE WORD COUNT and stay near the goal and never under).
Make sure you address the feedback provided in your rough draft. The requirements for the paper are the same and listed below.
Analyze a media text of your own choosing. Film, TV show, Social Media, News Media, etc. You should apply a semiotic or an encoding/decoding approach to analyzing your media text.
-Include a creative title for your paper-Include a thesis. Make sure to underline your thesis statement-You must cite 3 readings from class-No outside research is required. BUT if you want to cite outside research then you need to include a bibliography of all material cited. If you are only using material from the course YOU DO NOT NEED a bibliography.-When you quote a reading, make sure you: introduce the author, briefly summarize the text, use the quote, analyze the quote, apply the quote-Make sure you use & define terms from class