Final Project – Tesla

Final ProjectFor the final project, you will be expected to locate the financial statements of a publicly-traded company and perform a full analysis of those statements using all the concepts you have learned in the course. Formatting and length guidelines:• You should use APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines for formatting the title page (make sure you give your paper a meaningful title like “Financial Analysis of XYZ company”), references, in-text citations, and subheads. Some (free) helpful sites on how to do APA style citations are on the PBSC library website.Links to an external site.• Your completed paper should be a minimum of 12 pages long, plus a title page, a list of references, and an Appendix as needed. Each section of the paper should be to a minimum of 2.5 pages.• You should use MS Word format, double-spacing, 1-inch margins all the way around, page numbers on every page except for the title page, and 12 point Times New Roman font. • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are expected. You are also expected to write formally at a collegiate level.Research guidelines:Go to Yahoo FinanceLinks to an external site.. The instructions that follow refer to how to locate the information in Yahoo, but you may choose to use Hoover’s through the PBSC library website (if you are unsure how to locate and search within Hoover’s, please contact library support from the library website) or obtain the financials directly from the company.• Search for the company you wish to analyze. If you choose a publicly traded company, their financials will be listed in Yahoo Finance and Hoover’s. If you choose a private company, you must obtain their financials directly from them and submit the financials as appendices to your final project.• On the bottom left-hand corner of the company’s page on Yahoo Finance is a section called “Financials.” There should be three links — Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. If the company you picked does not have one of those or does not have three years’ worth of data for each of those, then pick another company.• You should have at least four sources other than the textbooks in the class. These sources can be websites, newspaper or journal articles, or books. Don’t forget to cite the source of your financials (Yahoo Finance or otherwise). You may use any legitimate source (i.e., National Enquirer, Wikipedia is not acceptable, but NY Times is).Writing guidelines:Throughout the term, you have submitted portions of the final project and received feedback from your instructor. Before you use those sections for the final paper, review the feedback carefully and edit the sections to incorporate the feedback before using them in your final paper. Your paper should have the following sections using the subheads indicated below. Each section should be a minimum of 2.5 pages plus the reference and cover pages:
• Ratio Analysis: In this section, you will complete the Ratios Analysis of the company you chose, based on the commonly used ratios, as found in the textbook: Chapter 4 Summary of Key Equations pages 4-34 to 4-35. Use Equations 4-1 to 4-19. Do not include the Market RatiosThis type of financial statement allows for easy analysis between companies or between time periods for the same company.
After calculating the ratios, describe each category (Liquidity, Efficiency, Leverage, and Profitability) and comment on what each is measuring and what the result of your calculations is telling you about how the company has performed. Compare and comment on how the company generally performed when compared to the industry within which it operates. The Industry Ratios can be found here: