Case  study: 
1)      A 30 year old woman has given birth to sextuplets. The babies are very premature, born 15 weeks early. Two of the babies have died. Their parents, who are both Jehovahs Witnesses, refused to allow blood transfusions in accordance with their faith. The doctors contacted the Department of Social Services, who have taken custody of the four remaining babies so they can be treated.

usecthe case  study  above for  the following:  

Written paper:  Each student must submit a paper that should not exceed 4 pages in length, and must follow the outline below:
1)      Present the facts relevant to the case at hand
2)      Highlight the important ethical and legal considerations that need to be considered on each side of the issue, and then determine what you believe should be the outcome of the case and defend your decision
3)      Offer evidence/support for your side of the issue, while also discounting the other position
4)      Make sure to explore/examine your personal and professional roles in explaining your position 

outline your side of the legal and ethical issues presented by the hypothetical which:
1)      Presents the facts they deem important to the case at hand
2)      Highlights the ethical and legal considerations that favor their side of the issue
3)      Discounts the position of the other side